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Easy Rotate

Rotate GDL objects on a plan by its centre point with a shortcut like Revit.

Easy Rotate is a plug-in to rotate Archicad objects with ease. It rotates all library objects based on their object origin or uses their selection point. You can assign a custom shortcut (for example, R) and rotate your sofa without clicking anything on the screen. You can rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. Along with commonly used rotation options like 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 30 degrees, you can also enter a custom rotation angle. The plugin supports Archicad 27 and earlier on Mac (Intel and Apple Silicon) and Windows. You need an Archicad license to use this plugin.


Main Features for version 1.0:


  • Rotate instantly by its centre. No need to enter a pivot point
  • You can assign a pivot point to the object
  • Use preselected angles for quick rotation (90, 45, 30)
  • Enter the custom rotation angle
  • Rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Assign custom shortcuts (R and Cmd+R)
  • Works only on 2D views (plan)
  • Works with all GDL-based library objects: furniture, lights, MEP elements
  • Accessible from the menu
  • Beautifully designed icons
  • Supports Windows and MacOS (Apple Arm & Intel)
  • Supports Archicad 27 (26, 25, 24 are also available)
  • Its language is English
  • Work with all local versions (INT, GER, TUR…)


Do you want to see how it will improve your day-to-day life? Watch this video!


This is for installation, license activation, and demonstration of how to use it or assign shortcuts, etc:


Additional information


27, 26, 25, 24


MacOS, Windows



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